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El marco de la firma de Jake Seeley está diseñado para complementar su conducción callejera técnica y progresiva. La Street Sweeper evoluciona directamente del cuadro Broadcaster original de Jake Seeley al utilizaR una cola mas corta, un ángulo de tubo de dirección más pronunciado, una caja de pedalier más alta y galletas huecas más pequeñas con tensores de cadena integrados. Construido pensando en la versatilidad, el Street Sweeper cuenta con hardware de freno en U extraíble y pestañas Gyro. El triángulo delantero del cuadro hace uso de los tradicionales tubos superior e inferior redondos de estilo Nightshift con refuerzos internos probados.

Key Features

  • 100% 4130 Chromoly Frame
  • Nightshift style, double-butted, top and down tubes with proven internal gusseting.
  • Integrated seat clamp
  • Miter Cut Top Tube:
    A miter-cut top tube creates a precise joint with the seat stays during welding. This increases the strength substantially over frames that use a “sandwiched” top tube at this critical junction.
  • Tapered Chain & Seat Stays:
    Both chain and seat stays taper to provide a refined and clean look to the frame while still providing strength. They are both angled on the inside for improved chain clearance and weight savings.
  • Hollow Dropouts with Chain Tensioners:
    Hollow 8mm wide dropouts are as light as a solid 5mm dropout, but over twice as strong. There is a small internal chain tensioner to hold the wheel in position and to simplify wheel removal.
  • Removable Brake Hardware:
    Proven, removable, brake mounts and cable guides/stops work flawlessly when installed and allow for a sleek overall look when they’re not.


Top Tube Lengths: 20.5″
Head Tube Angle: 75.25°
Seat Tube Angle: 71°
Cola: 12.70 – 13”
Bottom Bracket Height: 11.7”
Standover: 8.8”
Compatible con llantas: 2.5”
Head Tube Length: 4.7”
Peso: 5lbs

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